Hello everybody! I'm Martina, 21 yrs old.
I'm ITALIAN & FASHION ADDICTED, in love with music & food, 'cause I feel good with my body and I don't believe in diets in general.
I've travelled widely:Croatia, Spain, Turkey, Germany <3 ...
I also speak German, and I think I speak it better than English... :)
I hope to rightly write in english, but if not, I'm really sorry.
Let's join my tumblrblog!! <3
street style by sisaez featuring a what to wear with motorcycle jacket ❤ liked on PolyvoreL K Bennett black shirt, $90 / Topshop what to wear with motorcycle jacket / Topshop black pants / Zara leather boots / Proenza Schouler how to wear black purse / Wayfarer sunglasses
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